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Prosecutors pulled the plug on the trial of Messiah Booker, 32, in the midst of a hearing in which defense attorney Brendan Ahern of Hauppauge was methodically detailing dozens of instances of evidence withheld by Assistant District Attorney Glenn Kurtzrock.

"Craig McElwee, president of the Suffolk County Criminal Bar Association, said any lawyer who doesn't do what Ahern did — meticulously examining the file to figure out notes were missing and then making a strong argument about the misbehavior — is failing his or her client and the criminal justice system."

Brendan M. Ahern - People v. KM
Photo Credit: SCPD



All charges have been dropped against the limousine driver in the July 2015 crash that killed four women who were touring vineyards on Long Island. Supreme Court Justice Fernando Camacho ruled that an indictment charging driver Carlos Pino was flawed because of improper grand jury testimony. Prosecutors contended the grand jury testimony was proper, but the judge disagreed.

Brendan M. Ahern - People v. KM
Photo Credit: Channel 4 News



A Medford husband and wife who fled the scene of a fatal hit-and-run crash last year pleaded guilty. Frank Horan was sentenced to 280 hours of community service and three years probation. Kathy Horan was sentenced to 560 hours of community service, five years probation and a $5,000 fine. Collins promised both that if they violated probation, he would jail them.

Brendan M. Ahern - People v. KM
Photo Credit: Newsday

United States v. Singh

NEWS Indicted restauranteur out on bail

Harendra Singh posted $5 million bail after a federal magistrate in Central Islip granted the restaurateur on Wednesday, Aug. 3, 3016. Singh is facing trail on numerous charges of bribing an Oyster Bay town official.

Brendan M. Ahern - People v. KM
Photo Credit: Newsday

People v. Frank Horan

Medford couple charged in fatal crash case

A Medford husband and wife have been indicted on legally novel charges of acting together to commit the crime of hitting and killing two people and leaving the scene ...

Brendan M. Ahern - People v. KM
Photo Credit: Newsday / Chris Sabella

United States v. Skelos

Estranged wife can keep 65 percent from home sale

The estranged wife of Adam Skelos will be allowed to keep 65 percent of the net proceeds from the sale of their marital home in Rockville Centre under a settlement of a forfeiture dispute with Manhattan federal prosecutors that was filed in court on Wednesday.

Ann Marie Skelos argued she was an "innocent" owner with marital interests that should not be extinguished by the forfeiture judgment against Adam Skelos...

Brendan M. Ahern - People v. KM
Photo Credit: Newsday / John Roca



Mr. Ahern was retained to represent the limousine driver, criminally charged with tragically causing the death of four young women and injuring several others during a crash near the North Fork wineries in the Summer of 2015. On the date of his client's arraignment, Mr. Ahern stated, "Criminal liability is not always measured by the depth of human tragedy…the lines between civil liability and criminal liability have been blurred in this case."

Since that date, Mr. Ahern has challenged the sufficiency of the evidence presented to the grand jury and is determined to vindicate his client for the wrongful criminal charges brought against him. Mr. Ahern is determined to demonstrate that criminal charges in this case are misplaced and prohibited by the controlling law of the state.

Relying upon his expertise in the area of Accident Investigation and Reconstruction, Mr. Ahern has both the legal and scientific training to critically scrutinize the evidence, and advance powerful arguments in support of dismissal of the homicide and other criminal charges.

Stay tuned for the legal determination.

Brendan M. Ahern - People v. Regan
Credit: News 12 Long Island/Stringer News Service

People v. KM

vehicle accident - driver charged with DWI

Mr. Ahern secured the dismissal of all criminal charges following a three car fatal accident, in which his client was accused of DWI. Relying on his training as a senior vehicular homicide prosecutor, Mr. Ahern was able to secure the surveillance video depicted to the right within days of being retained by his client. Using the surveillance video, and other evidence Mr. Ahern negotiated for a non-criminal plea without an indictment.

Additionally, using the video, Mr. Ahern was able to win the DMV Fatality Hearing for his client, ensuring that the DMV took no action against his client's driving privileges following the hearing.

Brendan M. Ahern - People v. KM
Photo Credit: YouTube

People v. MS


Mr. Ahern represented the man accused in multi-count indictment of being the "ring leader" of multiple home invasions of Long Island area drug dealers. The co-defendants were accused of wearing police badges to gain access to the targeted homes. While ready and prepared for trial, Mr. Ahern was able to negotiate a reduced plea allowing his client to plead guilty to a single count of an attempted crime and securing the minimum sentence allowable under the law.

Brendan M. Ahern - People v. MS
Photo Credit: Suffolk County District Attorney's Office

People v. Ragen

Trucking Accident

A cement truck driver crashed into a LIRR overpass and a school bus with young school children on their way home from summer camp. The impact killed the bus driver, crippled the bus matron, and injured four autistic school children. Mr. Ahern introduced sophisticated GPS tracking data with coordinating cell phone records, eyewitness testimony, and 911 call logs to show phone use by the offending cement truck driver at or immediately prior to the crash. Mr. Ahern introduced accident reconstruction of the commercial truck crash into the LIRR overpass using a video of an actual exemplar cement truck driven into the LIRR overpass.

Brendan M. Ahern - People v. Ragen
Photo Credit: Howard Schnapp

People v. Gerdes


A teenage driver high on drugs left the roadway and killed a retired doctor mowing her front lawn, before the driver impaled a work van into the front of the deceased's home. Mr. Ahern coordinated with joint federal and state pharmaceutical narcotic division investigations, including investigators from the Department of Justice DEA and Nassau County Street Narcotic Unit. Mr. Ahern introduced FBI handwriting analysis to link pharmaceutical records and forged stolen prescriptions.

Brendan M. Ahern - People v. Gerdes
Photo Credit: WCBS

People v. Cruz


An intoxicated driver drove over 12 miles the wrong way on Long Island Expressway at over 120 mph before crashing and killing his front seat passenger. Mr. Ahern introduced "Black Box" Event Data Recorder analysis to establish speed and braking patterns of the offending vehicle in this fatal crash.

Brendan M. Ahern - People v. Cruz
Photo Credit: Kevin Imm

People v. Sebastian Barba

Violent Crime

Featured on Season 18, Episode 26 of America's Most Wanted in 2005: A young junior stock broker, with dual citizenship, killed an elderly woman and fled the United States to Ecuador in 2001. In 2012, Mr. Ahern coordinated with multiple international, federal, state and local government agencies to arrange for the fugitive's apprehension in Panama on an INTERPOL international arrest warrant and return to the United States. Mr. Ahern's successful pretrial litigation was featured in the New York Law Journal.

Brendan M. Ahern - People v. Sebastian Barba
Photo Credit: Howard Schnapp

United States v. HS

White Collar Crime

Represent prominent LI restauranteur indicted in Federal Court, Eastern District of New York with allegations including Bribery, Tax Evasion, Wire Fraud, Scheme to Defraud Local Municipality, Tampering with Evidence, and Obstruction of Justice.

United States v. CP


Achieved complete dismissal of Federal Boating While Intoxicated (BWI) charge.

State of New Jersey v. AL

Violent Crime

Represent former NYPD officer charged with First Degree Murder and Criminal Possession of a Weapon in Bergen County, NJ.

People of the State of New York v. MB

Violent Crime

Represent young man indicted for Murder in the Second Degree and Burglary, along with three other co-defendants in Suffolk County, NY.

People of the State of New York v. MS

Violent Crime

Represent young man alleged to be ring leader in multiple home invasions where the codefendants were alleged to have used fake police uniforms, zip ties, and firearms to burglarize and rob drug dealers.

People of the State of New York v. EC

Narcotics Crime

Represent young man charged with Conspiracy to Distribute Narcotics and Possession with Intent to Sell as a member of a narcotic distribution ring that was alleged to have stretched from Brooklyn to Suffolk County. Client was on parole for A-I Narcotics Sales. Negotiated minimum sentence under the law, no additional incarceration for parole violation, and eligibility for drug treatment diversion program.

People of the State of New York v. LC

Bias Crime

Represent young woman charged with bias crime in Westchester County. Avoided felony prosecution and achieved acceptance into diversion program that will result in non-criminal disposition or dismissal upon completion of treatment.

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