How to Safely Share the Road with MotorcyclistsTips for avoiding accidents

As a personal injury attorney who has seen the devastating consequences of crashes involving motorcyclists, I want to provide some safe driving tips for motorists to avoid causing a collision by making a left-hand turn in front of a motorcyclist.

First and foremost, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings when you’re driving. This means checking your mirrors frequently and scanning the road for any oncoming traffic. When you’re making a left-hand turn, take extra care to look out for any motorcyclists approaching from the opposite direction.

Secondly, always use your turn signal when you’re making a turn. This will alert other drivers, including motorcyclists, of your intentions, giving them enough time to react accordingly. Make sure to signal well in advance of your turn, so other drivers have plenty of time to adjust their speed and position on the road.

Another important tip is to avoid making sudden movements or swerving on the road. This can startle other drivers and lead to unpredictable reactions, which can be particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. Try to maintain a steady speed and keep a predictable path, especially when you’re making a left-hand turn.

It’s also crucial to be patient when you’re on the road. Motorcycles are smaller and more agile than cars and trucks, and they may need more time to make a turn or change lanes. Don’t try to rush past a motorcyclist and give them plenty of space to maneuver.

Another tip to keep in mind is that judging the speed of an approaching motorcycle can be difficult. Therefore, if you are making a left-hand turn, it’s best to err on the side of caution and let the motorcycle pass before completing your turn. This may add a few extra seconds to your commute, but it could prevent a serious accident from occurring. Always remember, motorcycles are smaller and more vulnerable than cars, so it’s crucial to be extra vigilant when sharing the road with them.

Another important safety tip for drivers sharing the road with motorcycles is to maintain a safe distance when a motorcycle is in front of you. Motorcycles have a different braking system than cars, and they may downshift instead of using their brakes. As a result, their brake light may not illuminate, and it can be difficult to tell when they are slowing down. By maintaining a safe distance, you give yourself and the motorcyclist ample space and time to react in case of an emergency. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and this simple precaution can prevent a potentially catastrophic accident from occurring. 

Remember, as a driver, you have a responsibility to share the road safely with all other motorists, including motorcyclists.

Lastly, it’s important to pay attention to traffic signals and signs. When you’re approaching a traffic light, for example, make sure to look both ways before making a left-hand turn. Even if the light is green, it’s possible for a motorcyclist to be approaching from the opposite direction. Similarly, when you’re approaching a stop sign, make sure to come to a complete stop and check for any oncoming traffic before making your turn.

In conclusion, making a left-hand turn in front of a motorcyclist is one of the most dangerous driving maneuvers on the road. By following the tips we’ve discussed in this blog post, you can help reduce the risk of a collision and keep yourself and other drivers safe. Remember to be aware of your surroundings, use your turn signals, avoid sudden movements, be patient, and pay attention to traffic signals and signs. By doing so, you’ll be doing your part to make the roads safer for everyone, including motorcyclists.